10 Things I Love Sunday

Only a few weeks from Halloween and I can taste the candy already! I guess eventually we will have to figure out the “candy rules” for Lola on Halloween … last year we let her have several pieces that night and then basically stashed the rest away for Mom and Dad, so I’m not sure how long we can get away with that plan! We did her first pumpkin carving this year and I let her paint it once it was carved and it was so fun … here’s what else I’m loving this week:

1. Ordered this simple star coin necklace—so pretty!

2. If you’ve ever wanted to try a safety razor (the kind with razor blades that you load) but have been too scared to do so, I have good news! I’ve been trying to get away from disposable razors and move to something more sustainable, but safety razors always freaked me out until my friend recommended this pivoting head razor that I’ve been using for several weeks now and I love it! I have sensitive skin prone to razor burn, so I still do my normal shaving routine, but with the new razor. And it’s probably the best shave I’ve ever gotten with less nicks than my other razors too …

3. Love these ’60s inspired boots.

4. This (affordable) Jonathan Adler rug!

5. Pretty excited about the new Peaky Blinders season … Cillian Murphy is such an incredible actor and even though I have to close my eyes from time to time (I’m not great with the sight of blood!), it’s totally worth it. We usually save a new season for a “Staycation” for Todd and I and then we binge it all in one weekend!

6. This pretty star wall hanging garland. Maybe for this holiday season?

7. I’m not usually drawn to suits, but man, how fun is this?

8. This and the matching pants are in my cart for Lola right now!

9. SOO excited about our Halloween costumes this year! You can see what we did last year here and here, but I still have a soft spot for her first costume two years ago … excuse me while I go cry now …

10. Love this personalized trick-or-treat bag that can be used year after year!

I have a few more Halloween decorations to put out, but I usually like the stuff that’s cute rather than scary. So it’s mostly pom-pom ghosts and whatnot … that still counts as holiday spirit, right?? xo. Laura