Make use of your DIY skills and take your pick from these easy DIY Pocahontas costume ideas before you hit the store for an expensive costume you’ll only wear once!

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$5 Pocahontas Costume DIY Tutorial Pocahontas DIY Costume and Makeup Tutorial Pocahontas Costume for Kids No-Sew Pocahontas Costume Adult DIY Pocahontas Costume Easy DIY Pocahontas Costume Using Only Two Materials DIY Disney Princess Costume from an Old Bed Sheet Easy DIY Pocahontas Costume Ideas On a Budget 1. $5 Pocahontas Costume DIY Tutorial

On a budget? No problem.

Do it yourself for only $5 here. Your wallet will thank you for it!
2. Pocahontas DIY Costume and Makeup Tutorial

Want to be a wood nymph for a day? Complete the look by both dressing and looking the part with an amazing makeup tutorial perfect for the nature-lover Disney Princess.

The makeup goes so well with the costume, your friends will think you had it done professionally!
3. Pocahontas Costume for Kids

It’s crazy how a lot of costumes in stores are being sold way above your budget. Might as well do it yourself and dress up as your favorite Disney character by following the DIY costume instructions here.

Your creation might even turn out better than the one in stores!

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4. No-Sew Pocahontas Costume

Got a kid who loves Pocahontas? Then this costume is for her!

Just add a blue necklace to this simple get-up and you’re done.

Follow the easy DIY tutorial here for your adorable tot. Your kid will go crazy over her new costume!
5. Adult DIY Pocahontas Costume

Even novice seamstresses can make this gorgeous dress. It also comes with DIY accessories and fantastic details to complete your ensemble.

You’ll be surprised by how easy it is to make!
6. Easy DIY Pocahontas Costume Using Only Two Materials

Even your kids can make their own Disney Princess costume with your help, of course, and this easy DIY guide.
7. DIY Disney Princess Costume from an Old Bed Sheet
Forget the ball gowns if you’re tight on the budget and opt to make and wear this DIY costume which is right on your budget.

A simple closet raid will yield you the perfect fabric to make this easy DIY costume. Plus, it won’t take too long to make!

Complete your DIY Pocahontas costume with a DIY Pocahontas necklace. Learn how to make one in this video from Paola Julissa:

While the Disney version of Pocahontas may have stretched the truth a bit about the real-life historical figure, it got one thing right: Pocahontas was a woman firmly embedded in nature. These curated costume ideas celebrate the oneness of humanity and the earth.

Another plus — these DIY ideas are great for last-minute get-ups. Got any fringed jackets or bags? Feathers? If so, you’re halfway to an elegant Pocahontas costume!

Which of these fantastic DIY Pocahontas costumes will you work on? Tell us your plans for it in the comments section below!

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