8MM 108 Natural Green Sandalwood Prayer Malas

8MM 108 Natural Green Sandalwood Prayer Malas

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Buddhist prayer beads or malas are a traditional tool used to count the number of times a mantra is recited, breaths while meditating, counting prostrations, or the repetitions of a buddha's name

Rosewood or Red Sandalwood is used to call upon Lord Ganesh “the remover of obstacles” and the Divine Mother. 

It is a dark-colored, hard wood that polishes well, making it durable and suitable for instruments, carvings and furniture so you know it will last a very long time.


            Grounding and helps connect one to the earth’s vibrations.

            It is warming, improves circulation and protects one from negative energy.

Buddhist 108 beads green sandle prayer malas.
*Medium beads,dia.8mm, total 108beads,suitable for boys.

*Also as necklace and wrist bracelets.

*Natural original color and patterns,slight smell.

*Hand knotted,flexible strand.



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