Agva Large Deep Valet & Jewellery Tray Wenge

Agva Large Deep Valet & Jewellery Tray Wenge

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Need more storage? Perhaps you want something more versatile than a typical jewellery box?

Sort your collection better with the Agva Large Deep Valet & Jewellery Tray! This deep, rectangular, wooden-framed storage has a modular stacking design. The felt lining and high-quality frame is perfect for keeping your valuables protected. Store your necklaces, bracelets, and other treasured accessories with this jewellery organiser.

Create your very own custom jewellery storage solution to ensure that all of your valuables are kept safe and secure. Pair this with a shallow rectangular jewellery organiser tray, or use it as a base for the larger range of square Agva trays. You can also place it inside your drawers if you want to keep your desk and vanity spotless.



  • Modular stacking design
  • Felt lining for protecting stored items
  • Smaller square organisers can nest on it



397mm W x 198mm D x 65mm H