Amber Babe Baltic Amber Baby Bracelet/Anklet - Lemon - 14cm

Amber Babe Baltic Amber Baby Bracelet/Anklet - Lemon - 14cm

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Baby Bracelet/Anklet

Amber Babe Baltic Amber - Bracelet/Anklet 14cm

* Lovingly made in Lithuania from gorgeous 100% Certified Genuine Baltic Amber 
* Individually hand knotted in between each bead 
* Finished with a safety screw-clasp 
* Each piece comes with it's own hand-stamped pouch, information & instructions 
* All Amber Babe Jewellery pass European Safety Standards 
Your child’s safety is very important to us, please follow safety instructions at all times x 
Please do not leave children under 3 unattended while wearing jewellery.

Actual colors may vary slightly due to computer screen resolution.




Baltic Amber is the fossilised tree resin from ancient pine trees, grown in Europe over 45 million years ago on the shores of the Baltic Sea. Considered a type of gemstone, amber is actually an organic material which has gone through a number of changes over millions of year.

All of our Amber Babe baby necklaces are lovingly made with 100% Certified Baltic Amber, said to have the highest level of Succinic acid which may help improve the well-being and health of individuals.

"As every piece of amber in our jewellery range is in its natural state after polishing and finishing, all of our jewellery pieces are unique in size and colour."

Traditionally used in European countries for centuries for teething babies 

Types of Amber

Amber is found in a range of colours and shades; from the usual yellow-brown-orange often associated with the word amber, all the way to black, brown, pale lemon and a butter shade. Transparent amber is the most prized kind, with the common cloudy and opaque amber being less so.

How Baltic Amber Works

Baltic Amber is believed to have natural healing properties. It has been used by people throughout Europe for centuries and offers wearers a completely natural teething remedy. It is said to release oils when worn next to the skin, which can help soothe the aches and pains babies have when teething. Succinic acid occurs naturally in the human body and assists with moving oxygen between cells. Baltic Amber naturally contains Succinic acid, which is a known analgesic said to help reduce inflammation and boost the immune system.

Wearing Baltic Amber jewellery is believed to improve conditions such as teething discomfort and arthritic and carpal tunnel pain. Children prone to eczema may also benefit from wearing amber jewellery. When worn regularly, it has been claimed that eczema symptoms such as rashes may be reduced, particularly those caused by little dribblers.

Amber Babe Jewellery for Babies

All Amber Babe jewellery is lovingly made to the highest standards.  Every bead is individually hand knotted on high quality cotton thread to prevent the beads falling off if broken. Our jewellery is designed to break under pressure if necessary, but because of our safety knotting practises, only one bead will be released if it is broken.