Beach Paradise Dreamcatcher Necklace

Beach Paradise Dreamcatcher Necklace

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The Beach Paradise Dreamcatcher was inspired by the protection dream catchers provide to their wearer, especially with the Coral semi-precious stone as it protects from harm and helps us to understand how life connects. When wearing the Beach Paradise Dreamcatcher the feathers are placed to make you feel loved and protected. While the Coral semi - precious stone balances and steadies the emotions. It also strengthens the heart to helps circulation for the bones. 

With drops of Turquoise to strengthen and stabilise mood swings and not to forget the Bright Orange Faceted Ceramic beads to make that Dreamcatcher a one of a kind. 

The Beach Paradise Dreamcatcher Measures:

45 cm in length and 4cm width

The Necklace is created using a plaited poly-wax cotton cord which is adjustable, meaning it fits most people and can be worn at varying lengths. 

Earthgirl Jewellery can be worn in the ocean and in the fresh water but substances like chlorine, perfume and bleach should be avoided as it may damage the silver and weaken the cord. 

* Each Semi-Precious stone is unique and stone may vary slightly in colour and size to photograph.