Red Kissing Lips Purse Charm, Key Ring Charm

Red Kissing Lips Purse Charm, Key Ring Charm

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Handmade charm for zippers, backpacks, purses and cellphones

Smooches for your BFF! Give her a cellphone or purse charm with kissing red lips. Buy one for yourself while you are at it. In fact, buy a pair of lips for everyone you want to kiss. 

Buy them now.

  • Type: Cellphone Charm
  • Materials: Polymer clay
  • Size: 1-inch long
  • Stock: CP-Lips
  • Blue Morning  Expressions

If you want to add something fun and silly to your phone or your purse, then this cellphone charm is the perfect addition. It couples as a purse charm as well. One of the wonderful fun things about polymer clay is the ability to do silly things with it. That was one of the attractions for me. It certainly doesn't help me grow up and be an adult.

These kissing lips are complementary to the earrings and necklace set that I have with these pieces on them.

The lips are fun, and they are sure to be conversation starters for you. They will help your cellphone stand out when you clip the lips to your case. Use these as a zipper pull or hang them from your rear view mirror.

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