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Feather Necklace

Feather Necklace

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Mens Feather Necklace -

The Feather Necklace is the quintessential men's jewelry piece and we've made it a point to perfect it. We wanted to create a Feather Necklace that was classic yet edgy, high quality yet affordable and bold but not overdone - and we think we've done exactly that.  

The Feather Necklace is cast in high grade Stainless Steel and comes with both a 26" Curb & 30" Rope Chain.

The Feather Necklace features two 3D style Feathers pendants with the larger standing at 1 1/2" tall, 1/8" thick & 1/4" wide and the smaller at 1" tall, 1/8" thick & 1/4" wide.