Milagro heart pendant medium size sterling silver

Milagro heart pendant medium size sterling silver

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A prayer for your heart to blossom. Personalize them with a unique prayer or message engraved in the back of it. Crafted of highest quality sterling silver in Los Angeles California by our team of expert jewelry makers and crafters. #madeinusa

Rooted in ancient mediterranean mythology Milagros are physical representation of a prayers. For example, if someone is experiencing a pain in the leg, a milagro in the shape of a leg would be attached to a shrite paying homage to X energy (saint, guru, teotl) to remind the invoked energy of the content of the prayer. In addition to being used in prayer to request something, a milagro can also be utilized in a prayer of thanks. A farmer who wishes to give thanks for the birth of a healthy foal could attach a milagro in the shape of a horse to the saint
Milagros can be made from a wide variety of materials. Silver and gold are common, but they can also be made from clay, tin, wax, wood, and other materials. Milagros are typically very small, and they may be relatively crude representations of the physical items they stand in for, or they may be quite detailed.

Our milagro hearts come in 3 sizes small, medium and large and are featured in an 18"in drop oval chain necklace (included). We also have matching earrings in 2 sizes. Please see our other listings for more information.



  • H: 72mm (from bale)
  • W: 46mm
  • Wt. 27.2g


  • H: 49mm (from bale)
  • W: 29MM"
  • Wt. 12. 2g


  • H: 21mm
  • W: 16mm
  • Wt: 3.19g
  • Free Gift Wrap? Yes
  • Made in Los Angeles
  • Certified and shipped by our office in Los Angeles

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