Moonshine: Labradorite Crystal Necklace

Moonshine: Labradorite Crystal Necklace

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This streamlined lariat features the trending stone, labradorite, that is paired with blue-green Czech glass, Swarovski crystal and gold plate accents that bring out the gorgeous flashes of blue, green and gold in the labradorite. The three strands go through a gold toned pewter ring and are each finished with pendants of Swarovski crystal. Full length is 24".

This gorgeous labradorite crystal necklace was made for the Etherea Collection in our Westchester studio. Designed to be worn as a chic lariat, this piece will add modern style to any outfit.

The triple strand lariat features labradorite, a semi-precious stone prized for its natural, earthy characteristics and iridescent flashes of color. Thought to bring strength and power to its wearer, the mystical mineral makes a statement especially in this striking design. Sleek twisted Czech glass in blue-green and Swarovski crystals in vibrant teal with a golden finish complement the marvelous highlights in the labradorite. The strands are also dotted with gold toned brass beads for added contrast.

Each strand is an inch shorter than the center 24" labradorite stand and ends with large diaphanous Swarovski crystal pendants. The piece stays closed by the strands going through a gold toned pewter ring.You can wear the loop higher or lower and decide how you want the strands to hang.

Included in this beautiful set are Swarovski crystal earrings that fall 1" from gold fill ear wires.

This piece is a one of a kind but we can re-make something similar for you in custom colors. Please email us with your requests.