New! Wolf's Head Hair Bead - Copper

New! Wolf's Head Hair Bead - Copper

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Our Hair Beads are a beautiful and unique way to add a little mystery and detail to your hair without making a big statement or spending a lot of effort. Simply thread into your hair and go!

Our Wolf's Head Hair Bead is a stunning replica of a snarling wolf..or a panting happy one depending how you look at it. Don't stare too hard into this noble creatures eyes or maybe you'll turn into one in the full moon though! This bead has an oxidization effect, enabling the detail to really stand out on such a small hair accessory. Although they are small, our hair beads are sturdy and built to last, so long as you don't lose it when not wearing it. With 12 different styles available you'll be spoilt for choice. Why not collect them all!

Weight: 5g

Size: Regular - .80" Long .50" wide .50 high and 1/4" inner space for hair.

Materials: Laquer coated Copper plating over Brass. The Lacquer prevents quick tarnishing on this bead. 

Color: Copper

Application: Our hair beads are extremely easy to put in your hair, they don't require any extra tools! Works on all hair types, including thin dreads.  
Steps for easy application:
1. Select a section of hair you'd like your hair bead on apx. 1/4" thick or less.
2.Twist the hair to condense flyaways.
3. Thread the hair bead onto the section of hair and pull it all the way to the top of the section of hair.
4. Brush out the section of hair underneath the hair bead to smooth out any tangles. Ignore this step if you have dreads or curly hair smooth it out with fingers or leave as is.
5. Next pull down the bead to desired placement and either secure the hair bead where you want it with a small hair tie or elastic, or if you are braiding the hair, simply hold it in place and continue to braid. The hair bead will stay secure in the hair once it's braided. 
And you're done!

Our hair beads come in a variety of styles each in silver, copper or gold depending on your taste. 

Style Tips:
1. Thread multiple hair beads in your hair for mesmerizing detail or pair with a ponytail hook or hair armor for a glorious and unique hair style!

2. Don't feel like wearing your hair bead for a day? Why not thread it on a chain or other necklace you already own as a stylish pendant :)