Pippa: Lariat Necklace with Orange Gemstones

Pippa: Lariat Necklace with Orange Gemstones

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All organic elegance, this lariat necklace is bursting with fiery orange semi-precious stones carnelian, agate, orange aventurine, coral, freshwater pearls and goldstone paired with beautiful Swarovski crystals, Czech glass and copper accents.

This lariat necklace was inspired by the crisp oranges of the season. It was created for the Etherea Collection to be worn as luxurious lariat of semi-precious stones. Its overall look is organic elegance.

The design elements of this unique necklace are marvelous gemstones in a fiery palette; carnelian, fire crackle agate, orange aventurine, goldstone, coral and freshwater pearls that are juxtaposed against Czech glass, Swarovski crystals and copper toned pewter accent. For added interest, free-form dangles are suspended from copper chain and for a flourish at the end, the necklace finishes with crackle agate pendant.

This lovely and versatile lariat is 22" long and can be worn with the Czech glass loop just over the dangles hanging from the copper chain or higher up at the throat.

The carnelian woven into this piece makes it a fitting gift for a Virgo or Leo as the vibrant gemstone is one their Zodiac stones.

Coordinating earrings can be custom ordered. Please contact us with your requests.