"Wave Motif" Ancient Walrus Tusk Sterling Silver Earrings

"Wave Motif" Ancient Walrus Tusk Sterling Silver Earrings

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These wave motif earrings are a classic pair from our carved ivory earrings collection featuring sterling silver embellished with a wave like lotus pattern and a fossilized walrus tusk ivory accent.

    These wave motif earrings are taken as a section from our flower cross necklace. They stand alone in their classic simplicity and focus on form—a beautifully wearable pair that works with just about any look!

    The sterling silver arms are worked in a relief style, the background a softly oxidized contrast to the central wave lotus pattern. The pattern itself is abstract, inspired by water and by the graceful lines of the opening lotus flower. These carved ivory earrings may signify emergence, blooming, and the act of coming into one's own for the wearer.

    The top accents are carved out of fossilized walrus tusk, a prized natural material that is between 500 and 3,000 years old. Over the centuries, the earth's minerals have colored the walrus tusk in rich shades from warm caramel to cocoa. It is an important indigenous cultural and economic resource for the Native peoples who gather it as a carving material or for sale/trade. The finite supply of fossilized walrus ivory and its rich history make it a valued addition to artisan crafts and fine jewelry pieces.

    As each piece of walrus tusk ivory may vary in color and variegation, the fossilized ivory in your earrings may vary from what is pictured here. We hand select all our materials to ensure the utmost quality and finish. Pair these wave motif earrings with our wave motif necklace for a complete set

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